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About the story at the Gozd take-off

By: Primož Vogrinc

The story I want to write in the future begins even before my father’s ends … it’s actually his story that completely pulled me inward. It all started with my first contact with paragliding and the idea of boundless freedom that you can enjoy if you indulge in this extremely beautiful and interesting sport. Since I also internalized my father’s passion myself and the boundless freedom you feel while surfing through the clouds completely overwhelmed me, I decided to continue my father’s story. I decided to do my best to make my father’s dream come true.

Gozd take-off has become a very popular spot for many paraglider pilots and also other visitors who love nature, fresh air, beautiful views, and of course flying, which fills us with a sense of freedom. My father Jure Kurnik, built the take-off to the extent we know it today. Unfortunately, he left too quickly to be able to experience his upgrade, which he believed and invested in for many years. He never carried it out completely and that is why I have a special motivation to realize this in the shortest possible time. Of course, I do not expect this goal to be easily achievable, as the story takes place on several levels that need to be edited, and some of them even radically changed. One of the changes that is the basis of action in this area affects all users and I will describe it below.

I mainly cover the costs for the maintenance of the take-off myself, but our club also contributes, which covers the rent of the parking space at the landing in Senično from the paid membership fees. This is quite a bite for the club and creates a certain amount of dissatisfaction, as it is ultimately for use for everyone who flies here. Even in the past, these costs have never been co-financed by any organization or associations that regularly use the parking lot and take-off. Hence the idea that regular users would contribute a smaller amount on an annual basis so as not to put a particular burden on the individual. This would distribute user's fees more evenly.

Quite a few clubs and individuals have happily and without hesitation supported this idea, as it allows them, with quick access to the take-off, to spend more time on the flight itself. However, there are also some who do not agree with this for one reason or another. Here I would like to emphasize once again that the take-off is different from the others available under the ZPLS. I think that for a permanent solution, not only here, but all frequent take-offs and landings, it would be necessary to arrange this through ZPLS. This would relieve the costs of the associations and thus also of the individuals who now maintain these take-offs and landing sites. Our club also takes care of the lower part of the take-off, which is not part of regular maintenance (parking, access path and the upper part of the take-off), but it is also an important part of it, as there are smaller trees, shrubs and thorns that would hinder the paraglider in the event of a take-off interruption and could cause damage to the equipment. This explanation is intended for all those who did not have a good idea of ​​the extensiveness of the work, but they find it self-evident that the payment of the membership fee at ZPLS enables all this. It would really be easiest for this to be arranged through the organization of which the clubs are members and I also joined it as vice-president with the aim of improving such dilemmas that ultimately concern all of us. I also presented the idea of ​​partially covering the costs and thus the necessary increase in the ZPLS membership fee at last year's assembly, but the response was quite negative. I am still of the opinion that such a permanent and common solution is the most appropriate, as the attendance (usability) factor would distribute the funds for take-offs fairly and transparently. Confidence and cooperation in the relationship would also increase, and at the same time, clubs that do not have their own take-offs could contribute to this fund, as they are also users of all available take-offs. For now, this is an idea and my personal opinion that, at least I hope, could one day become realistic and generally acceptable. Meanwhile, as the president of our association JPK Kriška gora, I called on all surrounding associations and individuals who often come to Gozd to support this idea with their voluntary contribution (in addition to club membership fees). In the e-mail, I pointed out that the maintenance incurs certain costs, which are currently covered by the local club JPK Kriška gora or mostly the president of this club and that is why we decided this year and came up with the idea to distribute these costs, which include renting a parking lot and arranging the airfield itself (approx. 2000 €), to all those who use this airfield a lot / regularly. The idea is that this help or. contribution of a voluntary nature. Therefore, we also sent this message to all surrounding clubs in the hope that you will support us and that the presidents of individual clubs present this at their meetings and thus encourage individual members who could of course voluntarily participate in the annual support, which would not be a high cost to in individual (10 €). Each individual or the regular visitor should assess for himself whether this contribution, given the number of his visits and the use of the car park, makes sense to him to contribute to this fund. This would partially relieve the costs of the mentioned club, and the remaining shortcomings would be supplemented with the cooperation of ZPLS and the municipality of Tržič, which are also ready to contribute. This would make the take-off even tidier and consequently visited. We thank every individual / club that would support this idea in advance and we are always looking forward to your visit. All allocated funds will also be transparently announced at the airfield itself as part of the club's budget and, of course, used only for this purpose.

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